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Kåre magnus sand solvåg

I have a background in design engineering from DTU and interaction design from Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. With my background, I am bridging the technical and user-centric approaches of design and development, with a broad set of tools and objective thinking I set out to problem-solve. My main focus lies in people-centered research, prototyping and applications of technology that can empower users. I enjoy my work best in group work, when I can explore and dig into unknown topics and think analytically about problems and solutions. 

In a workplace I look for intense and passionate teamwork, work with diverse team members and diverse projects in different industries, where I can be part of the whole design process. I believe people centered research should make out the foundations of any project, developed through iterative prototyping, from the lowest fidelity to the highest appropriate fidelity. I find great passion in designing for social impact and are very interested in deploying design thinking in this domain. In my future workplace, I need to be challenged and learn together with my collegues. 

Throughout the last six years, I have worked in social care, metalurgy and product-service design for the medical industry. In February 2016 I co-founded a text service for Refugees, based out of Copenhagen, a continuation of my final project from CIID in 2015. 

Undergrad in Design Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark
Graduate in Interaction Design from Copenhagen Institute of interaction Design
of Refugee Text Service IVS -