cph meetups

Copenhagen Meet-ups was designed for the local government of Copenhagen in mind, but the principle is the same everywhere. It is hard when you first start something new especially moving country to find new people, and if you don’t find yourself at home, you will either try to integrate or leave, Copenhagen meet-ups try’s to help remove the barrier to enter into the city of Copenhagen and allowing people to feel at home sooner.

Copenhagen Meet-ups is a concept which pure focus is instigating meetings but with a twist, every group needs at least one host from the city, this difference, is a statement of integration of both those who have lived in the city for awhile and for those that have just moved.

Copenhagen Meet-ups bring the community of Copenhagen in touch with newcomers from abroad and at home.

This project was shortlisted in Interaction Awards 2016 in the category: Connecting, facilitating communication between people and communities.