cloud chime

Cloud Chime is a digital wind chime that reflects your organisation’s online reach by creating subtle, analogue sounds

MY ROLE: Concept development, web scraping, mechanical design, construction, exploration of shapes.

Designed for corporations, businesses and organisations, the Cloud Chime, formed by hundreds of wooden bars, lives in the office-space. These wooden bars come in a variety of sizes, which, when sounded together, provide a wide tonal range for different notifications. Workers, clients, visitors and associates alike get artful feedback on online reach and activity. In this case, the installation hangs in the offices of CIID.

For instance, when a project, student video, or CIID itself gets some online attention – a like, a re-tweet or article is posted – the Cloud Chime reacts with a subtle movement. It does not disrupt or intrude, it merely conveys online activity. Curious about what happened online? You can log onto the digital wind chime’s logbook and see what triggered the most recent sound. This can help students stay in touch with the attention their work garners online.

The project was made during the course Enchanted Objects at CIID, facilitated by Chris Wood, David Rose and Francisco Gomez Paz. Throughout the week, the group explored different ways of making decorative products enchant the consumer in subtle and analogues ways. We explored mechanical moving paintings and wall sconces. In the end, we liked the aesthetics and possibilities a hanging chime provided. We experimented with different materials, such as stone pebbles and wood. We decided to continue exploring with wood because of the sonic properties it afforded us.

My role in the group lay primarily in designing the mechanics of the chime's base, as well as building the chime itself. The base the chime hangs from contains eight movable arms, controlled by 4 stepper motors, controlled by an Arduino Yun, which makes the chime move and make subtle sounds, when content related to the organization is scraped from the web.